Small Exterior Roof Beam Replacement

I didn't like the way the metal roofing was installed over the edge of the fascia board and this could have been part of the problem.

I can't say for a fact that this is what caused all of the water damage, because this roof beam was sticking out past the fascia board, exposing part of it to the weather. Moisture could have accumulated on top of the beam daily, seeping into it, eventually causing water and termite damage.

Home Repair Tip: The tops of wood beams like these, rarely get painted and even if they do get painted, this part of the wood beam is exposed to more moisture than the sides are. To prevent damage like this from happening, it wouldn't be a bad idea to inspect these areas on a regular basis to make sure that the paint hasn't worn off or is damaged.

Here's a picture of the new exterior roof beam after it has been replaced. The homeowner wanted the end of the beam to be even with the roof fascia board, in hopes that this damage wouldn't occur again in the future.