Wood Beam Repairs

This wood beam located underneath the wood deck and wood framing has suffered from years of moisture and obviously needs to be replaced. The deck framing looks like it's in good shape (the floor framing looks new) and someone used pressure treated lumber for the decks floor joist.

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Most wood beam repairs will need to be made by a professional home repair contractor. Don't underestimate the difficulties of repairing structural beams. Most of these wood beams are holding sections of your house up (sections of your home that are extremely heavy) and could be extremely difficult to replace correctly.

Most home repairs can be made by your average handyman or homeowner but structural beams can be hazardous to your health. Make sure that you are comfortable with the contractor who is planning to replace any structural components in your home.

1. Make sure the contractor has done projects like this before or similar to them.

2. Have the contractor explained how he is planning to replace the wood beam to you, so that you understand the process and it makes sense. If the contractor looks uncomfortable with the project, find another with more experience.

3. If the wood beam has failed, find out why it has failed.

4. Additional weight has been added to the home and causing the beam failure.

5. Water damage has caused the wood to rot.

6. Termite damage, if termites have damage the wood beam, is there any more damage.

7. Undersized beam or no structural engineering calculations, before home construction.

Some structural beams can be in precarious spots and extremely difficult to remove and replace. This could become more difficult if these beams are large, long and heavy.