Crawl Space Repairs

The biggest problem with crawlspace repairs will be the access to them. Can you easily get to the spot that needs to be repaired. Some homes simply don't have enough room under the house to access something that would need to be repaired. I know plumbers who have needed to remove large amounts of dirt, before they could start their repairs.

This is both time consuming and expensive. It's extremely difficult to remove dirt from underneath the home, once it has been built.

You could also have problems accessing the crawlspace. I've seen plenty of homes where the crawlspace is too small or in a bad location. Sometimes access holes would need to be enlarged or moved to a different location before home repairs can be made.

Now here's something most people aren't familiar with. Don't be surprised if you find rats, mice, insects, dead animals and even snakes underneath your home. I heard a story one time that involved a large python living underneath someone's home in Florida. It seemed that this snake was devouring most of the pets in the neighborhood.