Roof Framing Repairs

Roof building repairs consist of structural framing beams, roof rafters, hip rafters, ridge beams, blocking, sheathing, 1 x 6 starter board and fascia board. Damage to the roof framing is extremely rare but there are some exceptions.

Nature can provide your roof with the ultimate test. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, high winds, snow and rain can wreak havoc on your roof framing. We've all seen the movies, where a tornado rips the roof, right off of a house or completely destroys one home and leaves the next-door neighbors standing.

Let's not forget your friendly termites, these guys are attracted to moisture and with a small roof leak, they can also get your attention and financially after they've been there in a few years.

Home Repair Tip: Give your roof a visual inspection on a regular basis. Whenever you're outside, make it a habit to look up at your roof, to see if there are any loose or missing shingles. If you're in the attic, look for water stains on the roof framing, insulation or ceiling. Your roof protect your home and your home protects your belongings, so make sure your roof is always in good shape.