Air Conditioning

Condenser Freezing Problem

Attic Repairs

Attic Framing Water Stains | New Wall Under Roof Rafters | Attic Safety Handrail Framing | Attic Sheeting Water Damage | Animal Dropping In Attic | Missing Attic Insulation | Spaced Sheathing Damage | Water Stains On 1x6 Roof Sheathing | Concrete Stained Sheathing | Water Stains On Shingles | Old Electrical Wiring | Insulation Blocking Attic Vents | Stepping On Ceiling Plaster | Cellulous Attic Insulation | TV Antenna In Attic


Lower Basement Wall Staining | Basement Wall Staining | Bow In Basement Wall | Stairwell Mold To Basement | Rusting Heaters

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing Around Basement Window

Basement Windows

Dryer Vent In Basement Window | Metal Window Frame Rusting

Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Damage


Large Crack In Floor

Bathroom Repairs


Dust Clogging Bath Fan Vent


Crack In Fiberglas Bathtub | Bathtub Skirt Wall Damage | Bathtub Floor Damage


Ceramic Tile Shower Pan Damage | Ceramic Tile Shower Corner Damage | Missing Grout In Shower | Shower Shelf Wood Damage | Wood Window Sill Damage | Mold Growing Under Paint | Mold Growing In Grout


Linoleum Floor Water Damage | Toilet Wood Floor Water Damage | Wall Damage | Toilet Tank Lid Cracked | Hard Water Deposits In Toilet | Toilet Seat Damage


Wood Window Damage


Beam Damage Under Deck | Wood Post and Beam Connection | Porch Rafter Beam Damage | Plywood Beam Repair | Small Exterior Roof Beam Replacement

Ceiling Repairs

Drywall Ceilings

Water Damage | Drywall Joint Water Damage | Fireplace Drywall Ceiling Damage | Acoustic Ceiling Water Damage | Temporary Ceiling Repair | Ceiling Plumbing Leak Repair

Plaster Ceilings

Corner Ceiling Water Damage | Ceiling Plaster Crack


Wall Stains

Cardboard Box Stain In Closet

Crawl Space Repairs

Insulation Damage | Moisture on Vapor Barrier | Moisture Problems In Crawlspace | Mold on Sub Floor Block | Wet Insulation Paper | Moisture Barrier On Crawlspace Floor | Damaged Plastic Vapor Barrier | Leaking Heating Duct | Wood Post In Dirt | Open Plumbing Waste Pipes | Poor Girder To Post Connection | Damaged Vent Screen | Cut Electrical Wire | Mold From Dryer Vent On Joist


Deck Framing Wood Damage | Rusting Handrailing Nails | Split Stair Balusters | Second Story Deck Water Damage Problems


Door Headers

45 Degree Door Header | Door Fill In With Damage



Broken Electrical Outlet Cover | Upside Down Electrical Outlet | Electrical Outlet Light Fixture | New Outlet On Electrical Damaged Wall | Burnt Outlet With New Cover


Light Falling Off Wall


Corrosive Metal Conduit


Rusted Electrical Box - Exterior


Wood Fences

Wood Fence Damage

Fire Sprinklers

Rusting Ceiling Sprinkler

Floor Repairs

Floor Framing

Diagonal Floor Sheathing | Plywood Floor Repair | Floor Framing Plumbing Problem | Holes In Floor Joist - Structural Problems | Floor Joist End Repairs | Checking For Level Floor Framing

Floor Damage

Subfloor Repair

Rim Joist Damage Subfloor Joist Reinforcing



Carpet Damage From Cat | Stair Tread Carpet Stain | Wet Carpeting In Hallway | Carpet Damaged At Threshold | Water Stains Under Carpeting


Linoleum Edge Lifting | Mold Under Floor Tile | Wet Appliance Floor Damage

Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Discoloring | Water Damaged Wood Floor

Wood Trim

Floor Baseboard Drywall Problems

Flooring Parts

Shoe Molding


Foundation Wall Repair Problem | Rust Stains On Concrete Floor | Small Crack In Floor Slab | Hole Drilled Through Footing | Exposed Foundation Rebar

Garage Driveway Raised Creating Problems | Structural Garage Door Header Missing | Car Runs Into Garage Damage | Steel Pole Protection In Garage


Mold Growing On Foundation Wall



Laminate Cabinet Door Damage | Cabinet Stain From Mopping | Cabinet Frame Damage | Rusted Cabinet Door Hinge

Counter Tops

Worn Formica Counter Top


Rusting Kitchen Stove Damage

Mold Damage

Mold Behind Bathroom Wall | Floor Joist With Mold | Mold On Lower Wall Area | Mold On Oak Door Jamb | Mold Growing On Cement Wall | Mold Damaged Bath Wood Window


Paint Mistake On Wall Register | Peeling Paint On Interior Wall | Damaged Ceiling Paint | Water Wall Paint Damage

Pest Repairs


Bird Poop On Concrete Porch


Plant Covering Window | Plant Growing Under Roof | Plant Attaches To Stucco


Leaking Outdoor Hose Bib | Copper Water Pipes Touching Problem | Crimped Copper Pipe Damage | Water Damaged Kitchen Cabinet | Wash Machine Drain To Short | Hole In Wall Under Bathroom Sink | Plumbing Trap Cabinet Problem | Leaking Cast Iron Waste Pipe Damage | Large Hole In Cast Iron Pipe | PVC Waste Pipe Water Leak Stain | Exterior Waste And Vent Pipes | Concrete Damage Drain Pipe Repair | Damaged Exterior Drain Pipe Fitting

Plumbing Don't and Do's

Incorrect Water Supply Pipe - Gas Pipe | Bathroom Double Sink S Trap | Kitchen Drain S Trap - Problem | PVC Hot Water Supply Pipe | Taping Your Plumbing Pipes | Burnt Wood Floor Joist - Soldering Pipes | Cold Water Ground Problem | Painted Water Pipe and Cold Water Ground

Roof Framing Repairs

Small Crack In Roof Rafter | Damaged Roof Plywood | Corner Roof Fascia Damage | Roof Truss Repair | Roof Truss Water Damage | Support Post For Valley Beam | Hole In Roof and Roofing | Cut Hip Rafter Damage | Poor Cantilever Roof Framing | Bad Window and Roof Design

New Fascia Board

Fascia Board Fell Off - Wood Rot | Roof Fascia Section Repair | Replaced Water Damaged Fascia Board

Roof Sheathing

Delaminating Roof Plywood | Roof Over Hang Plywood Damage | Exposed Nails In Roof Eave | Long Crack Under Roof Overhang

Roof Beams

Shoring Up Roof Overhang Before Beam Replacement | 2 x 4 Beam Supports


Composition Roofing

Discolored Roof Shingles Under Eave | Buckling Composition Roof Shingle | Fungus On Roof Shingles | Damaged Composition Roof Shingles

Metal Roofing

Corrugated Metal Roof Damage

Clay Tile

Stucco Over Spray On Roof Tile

Flat Roof

Flat Roof Dirt Staining | Metal Roof Edge Seal Problem

Roof Flashing

Fascia Damage From Metal Flashing | Missing Stucco Wall Roof Flashing | Chimney Flashing Lifting Shingles

Sidewalk Repairs

Rotted Wood Joint Repair | Plants Growing In Sidewalk


Tread And Riser Gap | Painting Around Carpeting Lines

Exterior Stairways

Missing Landing Flashing

Termite Damage

Drywall Termite Damage | Termite Damaged Sole Plate | Termite Mud On Wood | Termites In Base Board | Fascia Corner Damaged


Upside Down Room Vent | Wood Attic Vents

Wall Repairs

Interior Walls

Odd Drywall Damage | Plaster Wall Moisture Problem | Exposed Wall Wire Mesh | Behind Wood Lath Plaster

Interior Bathroom Walls

Plaster Crack Wall Damage

Exterior Walls

Siding Repairs

Hole In Shingle Siding | Moss Growing On Wood Siding | Fascia and Siding Problem | Vinyl Siding Below Grass

Stucco Damage

Soft Stucco | Structural Stucco Crack | Wood Rot From Stucco | Mold And Stucco Damage | Tile Roof Stucco Damage | Moss Growing On Stucco | Damaged Stucco Corner | Roof Drain Stain | Stucco Stain From Roof Leak | Poor Window Fill In Repairs | Stucco Damage At Sidewalk | Long Stucco Crack | Stucco At Roof Eave Damage

Stucco Repairs

Stucco Don't Do's

Tile Damaged From New Stucco

Washer and Dryer

Flex Pipe Floor Framing Problem | Clogged Dryer Vent Pipe

Water Damage

Bottom Of Wall Damaged From Water | Wall Damage From Window | Wall Damage Around Outlet | Damaged Exterior Drywall | Stucco Paint Damage | Parquet Wood Flooring Damage | Using A Fan To Dry Walls

Water Heater

Steel Pole Protection In Garage

Gas Water Heaters

Air Gap Gas Ventilation Problem

Water Heater Damage Repairs

Home Water Heater Damage | Home Water Heater Demolition | Drywall and Framing Mold | Water Heater Inside and Clean Up | Drywall Repair For Damaged Walls | Finishing and Installing Water Heater


Replaced Damaged Window Header | Painted Wood Windows | Bad Termite Damage To Window Header

Wood Windows

Damaged Wood Window

Wood Posts

Wood Rot At Post Base | Wood Post Bottom With Filler | Wood Post Protection Problem | Water Damaged Wood Post Base | Wood Post Replacement Supports | Exterior Upper Wood Post Damage | Completed Wood Post Repair | Raised Concrete Wood Post Base | Raised Metal Wood Post Base | Rubberized Post Base Bottom Protection

Wood Repairs

Exterior Post Wood Rot Damage

House Framing Repairs

Ceiling Framing Repairs

Cut Ceiling Joist For Heater Vent

Structural Repairs

Shear Panel Water Damage | Mold Behind Shear Wall

Building Problems

Rubber Paint Over Shower Backing | Shaky Garage Door Track | Wood Ceiling Beam Repair | Bathtub Building Code Problem | Electrical Wire In Living Room | Wrong Attic Insulation | Minimum Access In Crawlspace | Raised Door Threshold | Concrete Block Around Wood Post Base