Wood Post And Beam Connection

It seems like most framing carpenters used metal connectors today but a long time ago we used to use wood to tie the buildings together and this is a good example of using wood to make a solid connection from the wood post to the wood deck beam.

The metal brackets that you see on the to post can be used as an alternative connection to the wood as shown in the picture at the top of the page. Metal brackets are the most commonly used connectors in the construction industry today.

However, I would imagine the wood connection in the picture at the top of the page would actually provide more strength than the metal brackets, as shown directly above this paragraph.

If you were to use a long heavy duty metal strap as a connector, this would be even better than the wood being used as a connector.

Home Repair Advice: Most building codes require metal connectors to be used in between the wood post and wood beams. Check with your local building department to make sure they approve any wood framing connections. Even though your are ideas might be better, usually there's have been tested by structural engineers under extreme conditions.