Driveway Raised, Creating Problems

Wow, what a mess. This driveway is either settling at the lower points, do to poor soil conditions or is being raised because the soil is expansive.

More than likely, the soil wasn't compacted properly before the garage was built.

There could be a moisture problem in the area or a water leak near the garage foundation, which could lead to soil erosion over time allowing the foundation to settle and crack.

The garage could also be located on a low spot, on the property, this would allow any water on the property to drain towards the low spot and settle in this area. This could create a soil erosion problem over time.

Either way, the garage foundation will need to be repaired or replaced.

Home Repair Tip: In a situation like this, where a small corner of the concrete floor slab is preventing the garage door from closing all the way. You could remove the small area of concrete, remove some of the soil under the damaged area and re-pour the small section of the garage floor to correct the situation.

I would recommend, removing and replacing the damaged driveway. It's damaged beyond any type of repair.This could be a temporary patch though, the new garage floor patch over time could become damaged again.

Some soil conditions will continue to create problems for homeowners and there is very little you can do about them. Sometimes, these soil conditions can damage the house foundation beyond repair and then, the entire house foundation would need to be replaced.