Car Runs Into Garage Damage

While people do drive their cars and park them in the garage, but most people can't imagine the damage that a car can do, when you drive them in to the corner of your garage.

Rarely is a home ever damaged by a motor vehicle. It's just not that common, but when it does happen, the damage can be severe.

This car actually hit the telephone box and the main electrical breaker box, which supplies all the electricity to the home. It's not just framing and stucco damage, this home is going to require a few more construction professionals.

Home Repair Tip: Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately. If you don't have enough experience, repairing damage like this, I would recommend hiring a professional.

Safety Advice: Whenever you see damaged electrical or exposed wiring, you should stay away from it, for your own safety. Contact an electrician as soon as possible and keep small children and pets away from these areas.