Steel Pole Protection In Garage

Whenever there's a water heater installed in your home's garage, it should have some type of protection, to prevent any vehicle damage to it.

Most building codes require a large metal pole like this one, just in case your vehicle gets a little too close for comfort.

If your home doesn't have a steel pole to protect the water heater in your garage right now, you could always install one.

Home Repair Tip: You should check with your local building department, to make sure that you install the correct steel protection poll and concrete footing size.

Plenty of home repairs like this one are made every year with out using the correct building materials. Repairs like this are also made with out installing items like these correctly.

In other words, it might not do you a lot of good to protect your water heater with the wrong sized steel pole. Worse than that of course would be installing the right sized steel pole in the wrong sized concrete footing.

Like I said, it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact your local building department to get their recommendation, before proceeding with a project like this one.

If you're not planning on installing a steel garage protection poll, it wouldn't be a bad idea to start using a little more caution, while parking your car in your garage.